Nov 252011

Greet recovered fairly well from the bad night, but Fredde was very tired and sick and spent most of the day in bed despite the lovely weather and he had to cancel today’s tour with Juri.

Juri took Greet on a temple tour.

The temple was devoted to the goddess of the lake. The lake provides the water for the rice fields in the area so it’s very important to keep the goddess happy. Every village in the area (about 300) comes here ones every 2 years to get a blessing they can take back to their village. When we were here a ceremony just went on.



The preparations for this ceremony can take days whilst the ceremony itself only takes about 30 minutes!

The tour, even though considerably easier than the environment trek, proved to be quite exhausting to Greet and she kept Fredde company the rest of the day sleeping in the bungalow.

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