Nov 272011

Our first night at Aditya was a bit frustrating when we had trouble with the AC. The damn thing didn’t want to function normally, and we ended up putting it on 28 degrees and froze for 5min and were warm shortly after until it started to blow full speed again 🙁

It was an extremely warm and sunny morning and we had a temple visit and a visit to the hot springs on our agenda… We hoped it was going to be a short visit to the temple as we started to sweat already walking to the car. It was a Buddhist temple we visited and it was very nice and peaceful to walk in the gardens and buildings.

When we got back to the car we were extremely warm and sweaty and wanted nothing more than to have a nice swim in the hot springs, but our driver had a special treat for us in store… …a cremation-funeral-parade-something, we are sure there is a nice word for it. It was a very special and interesting experience. Especially since it doesn’t happen very often, only when cremating very rich or powerful people or as in this case a high priest.

It was a big mixture of music, costumes and other outfits, floats with people on it. Almost everyone was happy and it was very interesting to watch.

Finally we were heading for some relaxing hot springs 🙂 The natural hot springs are told to have healing powers, we don’t know if it’s true but it was very nice and relaxing.

Fredde liked to get his neck and back massaged by hard hitting water while Greet enjoyed a more shower like experience.

We spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool and shared a little pizza for lunch. It was actually quite good and tasted like a homemade do-it-yourself pizza 🙂

In the evening we walked a couple of kilometers to Lovina village to have dinner and look at some shops. We settled for a cozy little sea view restaurant. Later on we had live music (played acoustic covers of a little bit older western music). It was not the best we have heard and not the worst either (some traditional Indonesian music at Munduk comes to mind…;-) ) We both had a great night and Greet even requested one of Fredde’s favorite songs ‘Loosing my religion – R.E.M.’ from the band.

It was a wonderful night!

  2 Responses to “Temple tour and hot springs”

  1. Hej Bali-njutare!
    Jippi!! Nu kom vi in på er bild- och textresa. Fråga mig inte hur jag gjorde
    men förhoppningsvis kan vi nu följa er resa med spänning.
    Vilken fantastisk upplevelse ni är med om på Bali.
    När vi ser allt detta exotiska som ni beskriver så är det som om vi
    själva är med på resan.
    Ni är duktiga fotografer också.
    Det är med spänning vi ser fram emot bilder på delfinerna, en av de
    vackraste djur som finns.
    Hoppas allt är bra med er.
    Här hemma är det bra med oss.
    Mamma & Pappa

    • Hej!
      Ja, livsnjutare får man nog kalla oss för tillfället 😀 och allt är jättebra!
      Vad kul att ni slut kom in och kan följa oss och kul att ni tycker om berättelserna och bilderna! Det finns även en kalender till höger på sidan så kan ni klicka på vilken dag ni vill läsa om…
      Delfinturen kommer upp alldeles strax…
      Kramar Grette & Fredde

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